Déjà Vu & New Perkiomen Carp

After having an awesome few hours of carp fishing last weekend on the Perkiomen Creek, I decided to go there again this weekend. All week I was looking at Google Maps trying to narrow down a new section to explore. The Perkiomen has a lot of accessible water because of the trail, but parking can be an issue in some sections. If you’re not parking close to where you want to fish, then you have to suck it up and walk. That was the situation I was in on Saturday morning. I wanted to fish a narrower section of the creek just below Green Lane Reservoir and I had to settle on the Crusher Road trail access lot as the starting point for my hike in. One nice thing about the Perkiomen is that there are many small creeks coming into it and they can make great access points. This was the case yesterday as I found a feeder stream and walked it to the Perkiomen.

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