My name is Michael Evanko and I am the founder of Wooly Bugged. My fishing experience spans 32 years, with 17 of those years focused on fly fishing. I grew up fishing the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers for smallmouth bass from a boat with my father, and in the spring months I chased trout on streams in Lancaster, York, and Dauphin Counties. I started pursuing fish with a fly rod in college when I attended Penn State University in State College. While there I had the opportunity to fish the Limestone Streams of Central Pennsylvania, and was also introduced to fishing for Steelhead on the Lake Erie tributaries. During the past seventeen years I have tried to continue to expand my knowledge of the sport of fly fishing by reading books and blogs, tying flies, talking and listening to guides and industry experts, teaching friends how to fly fish, and getting out on the water in as many new locations and situations as possible. The Wooly Bugged website is where I share my products and fishing adventures with the world.