Christening the Orvis Recon

In my last post I explained that on my trip to Big Pine Creek, I had the misfortune of snapping my 9’-5wt Thomas & Thomas Horizon in half. The guys at Slate Run Tackle Shop talked me into buying a new 9’-5wt Orvis Recon with a 20% discount Orvis was offering. Within the 36 hours after buying this new fly rod and using it on Big Pine Creek three times, I couldn’t land a fish on it. To say it was frustrating would be an understatement. Any fly fisherman knows that after buying a new rod, the first thing to do is christen it by catching a trout on it. The guys at fish camp found this fishless conundrum to be hilarious. I came to the Big and Little Pine Creeks, lit them on fire for two and a half days and then, bang, it all changed. It’s bad enough hooking a good trout and then losing it when fishing by yourself, but to have your fish camp buddies observing, expecting the christening to happen, only to see the line go from tight to limp, and then the jokes start. I must’ve tied on a dozen different flies. I tried dry flies, I tried nymphs, I tried streamers and I ended up having to swallow my pride and go home fishless on the new Recon. If you fly fish long enough, the creeks and the trout will at some point give you a lesson in humility.

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