Keystone Select Waters, White Clay Creek

The White Clay Creek has been on my list of eastern Pennsylvania waters to fish for almost a year. Specifically, the Middle Branch White Clay Creek held my attention, as it was one of the first streams in the state to receive the Keystone Select trout stocking designation. When I’d read about this, I was excited to go there and never made it. Finally this past Saturday I decided that rain or shine, I was going to fish the Middle Branch White Clay. On Friday night I did some brief Internet research on the water and it was a bit confusing at first. There are actually three branches of the White Clay Creek, the East, Middle, and West Branches, and they all eventually merge into the Main Stem as the creek flows into the state of Delaware. The Keystone Select portion of the White Clay lies within the Catch & Release Artificial Lures Only section, which starts at the Good Hope Road Bridge and meanders one and a half miles southeast to the confluence with the main stem.

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