Cold Fingers, Toes, & Hatchery Fresh Bows

It’s that time of year again, the state trout stocking trucks have started making their rounds to Pennsylvania approved trout waters and workers are pouring buckets of hatchery raised trout into them. One of the first streams in Pennsylvania to receive a state stocking is French Creek, located in Chester County. Not all of French Creek is stocked on this early stocking, which happens in February. Specifically, it is the one-mile special regulation catch and release fly fishing area, starting at the Sleepy Hollow Dam and running downstream to Hollow Road. This year the state, with the help of the Dame Juliana League Fly Fishers, stocked this section of French Creek on February 22, 2017. It’s nice that the Dame Juliana assists because they do a great job of ensuring that the fish are well distributed throughout the entire special regulations section.

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