Corn Flies & Carp on The Conestoga River

A couple weeks back when I was fly fishing the Conestoga River for smallmouth I ran into some schools of large carp. I got it in my head that I was going to go back and try to catch one of these brutes. I have caught carp on a fly rod before, but I never went out fishing to specifically target them. I did a bunch of research online and learned more about carp than I ever wanted to know. For example, I had no idea how big carp fishing is in Europe. They have all kind of rigs they use for putting these things called boilies (a gumball sized boiled carp bait made up of all kind of stuff you’d never want to eat) on the bottom of lakes and catching giant carp. I wasn’t about to tie up a boilies fly, but as I have known since I was a kid, carp like to eat corn.

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